3 Reasons Why Diets Don’t Work for NJ Diabetics

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27 Sep

3 Reasons Why Diets Don’t Work for NJ Diabetics


I have heard so many times how diabetics try to “diet” their way into better health. Sometimes its their new years resolution or just good advice to shed a few pounds.  Dr Spages sees so many patients struggle with setting a goal and then failing shortly after.

The 3 biggest reasons why this doesn’t work will save you a ton of time of wasted frustration.

Reason #1: You could be eating a food that you are allergic to.

So many times I have seen a patient who was eating a food that was flaring up their blood sugar and leading to weight gain. It could have been low calorie and even organic but if the patient is allergic to the food then it will do more harm then good.

Reason #2: Their are 100 different diets based on 100 different philosophies.

You can see at any bookstore there are hundreds of opinions on diet and what to eat. The biggest benefit we see in our patients is customizing a diet around their labs. After running very thorough testing our patients respond best with one on one custom diet.  Just trying to work on weight loss or obesity with nutrition isnt enough for most people.

Dr. Jonathan Spages

Reason #3: Diet alone will not fix why a diabetic has a broken metabolism.

Their are many malfunctions that have to happen in order for a person to not control their blood sugar. The metabolism is comprised of many delicate organs working together. Diet alone doesn’t fix those organs and make them magically work together. Since we practice functional medicine we address the root cause of the problem using natural vitamins and herbs. This approach supports the body to recovery for many of our patients. 


Reversing diabetes isn’t an easy task. Even though diet could be used to live a healthy lifestyle a person with a disease needs to be treated differently. Dr Spages offers a customised approached aimed towards fixing the root of the disease makes the biggest changes in the shortest amount of time. Diabetes Reversal is possible for patients who live in north jersey. Dr Spages says “with the right plan of care anything is possible”.

“Keep is simple” states Dr Jonathan Spages a chiropractor who focuses on patients in North Jersey. He has been able to reverse diabetes with his patients with his functional medicine training. Is there a cure for diabetes? No. However it is reversible. If you live in NJ find out why you are sick with thorough testing and do a custom treatment to get well. The system works when you work the system. If you live in North Jersey get more information about how Dr Spages reverses diabetes. Give us a call at 973-523-5252.

Dr. Jonathan Spages DC is a chiropractor who practices functional medicine in Paterson, NJ

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