Black Beans And Weight Loss: How Effective Are They?

12 Jan

Black Beans And Weight Loss: How Effective Are They?

Black beans or black turtle beans are a type of common beans that are small and shiny and are very popular among vegetarians. They have a very meaty texture and are good in taste. They are inexpensive and healthy which is why they should be a part of your diet.

Beans of all kinds including black are full of fiber and protein. Cooked black beans contain dietary fiber and protein, and also magnesium, selenium, and phosphorous. They lower the risk of type-2 diabetes and also the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Don’t let the black color of the beans throw you off. It just means they are full of antioxidants.

Black beans among all other beans contain the highest amount of flavonoids. According to research, flavonoids prevent storing of excess tummy fat. It is because of this reason that black beans are known as tummy slimming beans. Also, their fiber and protein content will keep you feeling energetic and full for a longer time. It is a very important point for people trying to lose weight as they end up feeling hungry most of the times.

According to some studies and people, black beans can be notorious and cause a gas problem for some people. Gas is caused in the intestine by bacteria while trying to break down the carbohydrates into carbon dioxide and nitrogen. But this problem can be taken care of if you take a little extra precaution before eating it. When you cook the beans, do not use the water in which you have soaked the beans. Some researchers have concluded that throwing away this water has more advantages than disadvantages.

Black beans can prove to be beneficial for weight loss as the insoluble fiber in them keeps the digestive system healthy and prevents constipation. Drinking lots of water with beans in your diet will be advised as black beans provide lots of fiber.

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