Common Mistakes in Weight Loss Regimens

13 Jan

Common Mistakes in Weight Loss Regimens

Having trouble shedding those extra kilos of weight? Not getting the desired results? It may be because you are doing something wrong with your fat burning regime.

Here are some of the things that you can avoid to lose those extra pounds faster.

Crash diets – A sudden and drastic reduction in the food intake comes as a shock to the body. Starving yourself is not the solution here. Weight regained after a crash diet is always more than the initial weight gained. Instead, eat plenty of nutrients and follow a balanced diet.

Skipping meals – Skipping meals is worse than a crash diet. It affects your metabolism negatively. Your body starts storing more fat for every missed meal. Instead, eat small portions of food at small intervals.

Cutting out on protein – Protein increases the metabolic rate of your body and helps in burning excess fat. A proper diet should have up to 50% protein. It helps in building muscles also. Reducing protein intake will only let the fat accumulate and lead to weight gain. Why protein is important.

Improper exercise routine – A boring and ineffective exercise routine is only going to discourage you from working out. Try out different exercises and focus on different body parts each day. Don’t continue exercising relentlessly. Give your body ample rest in between to see the desired effects. Here is an example of an excellent workout routing.

Being impatient – Most importantly, you need to be very patient. Losing weight is way more difficult than gaining it. Don’t jump from one diet to the next.

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