Cons of Weight Loss Surgery if you live in New Jersey

14 Jun

Cons of Weight Loss Surgery if you live in New Jersey

The Struggle is Real

Many struggling to lose their excess fat who think they’ve tried everything will probably at some point consider surgery. This is understandable considering how hard it is to lose the extra pounds and how all the effort with no results can leave you feeling quite hopeless. However, many NJ residents don’t take into account the negative consequences of such a surgery. Before making any drastic decisons its important to take a look at the risks invloved.

Gastric bypass surgery is often referred to as a “restrictive” surgical procedure because it “restricts” how much food your stomach can hold. It also affects how calories and food are absorbed into your blood stream. Because it both affects the amount of food your stomach can intake and how many calories you can absorb, it is one of the most successful surgeries in respect to the amount of fat people lose.

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While this may sound enticing and easy it may not be worth it for all. If gastric bypass surgery sounds too good to be true thats because it proibably is. There are a few important things to consider before taking the plunge.

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The Disadvantages of Gastric Bypass Surgery

While there are of course great things about the surgery, it can be a lifelong commitment so it is vital that you have all the right information before you decide.

Here are some disadvantages of weight loss surgery:

1. It requires a permanent lifelong change in your diet and lifestyle.

Don’t assume that you’ll have the surgery and voila! No more worries for the rest of your life. This is definitely not the case. With this surgery you will have to completely change your lifestyle and way of eating. At first you may be very determined to keep to your diet, but we all know that diets just don’t last in the long run, and eventually the surgery might be a waste.

2. It could create other health issues

Because gastric bypass changes how your body absorbs calories you could become anemic and malnourished after the surgery. You may have to take supplements to give you the minerals and vitamins you need. Gastric bypass patients are also more likely to get gallstones as a result of rapid weight loss.

3. You may have digestive issues for the rest of your life

After the procedure you may experience what is referred to  as “dumping syndrome”. This is when a gastric bypass recipient eats sugary foods and then experiences diarrhea, nausea and/or acid reflux.

Take the time to review the pros and cons of weight loss alterations:

Now you know the disadvantages of weight loss surgery could do more harm than good in some cases and it is important to be very sure that this type of procedure works for you.

Patients of Physical Medicine of New Jersey have had much success using our LipoLight technology and medical weight loss programs. If you decide that a procedure like gastric bypass just isn’t for you, call us today and lets get started with your fat loss program!

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