Does Dietary Fat Matter for Long-Term Weight Loss?

14 Jun

Does Dietary Fat Matter for Long-Term Weight Loss?

A lot of people who are trying to lose weight are under the common misconception that cutting all fats and fatty foods from your diet will help you lose weight faster and contribute to long-term weight loss.

However, the fact is that our bodies require a certain amount of fat or ‘good fats’ to be able to digest and absorb certain vitamins like vitamin A, D, E and K from certain foods. Without some amount of fat from fatty foods our bodies will not make the most of the healthy foods that we are eating as it will not be able to absorb these essential vitamins and nutrients. Hence, the body as a corrective mechanism will absorb or retain the ‘bad fats’ that come from oils and sugars in order to be able to digest those essential vitamins and nutrients.

Also, people who follow low-fat diets don’t show much of a difference compared to people who follow high-fat diets when it comes to maintaining long-term weight loss. Eliminating all kinds of fat from your diet will have a negative or counteractive effect and you will, in fact, start to put on more weight as your body will automatically go looking for those essential fatty acids from other unhealthy sources like carbs and sugars.

In order to lose weight, you must follow a combination of strict diet – fruits, vegetables, fish and lean meats, fiber, whole grains and healthy fats from almonds, walnuts, salmon and avocado and vigorous exercise every day.

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