Eating Healthy Food Costs Too Much

16 Jun

Eating Healthy Food Costs Too Much

Low-fat, low-diary, gluten-free, all these terms may seem appealing to someone who wants to reach their weight loss goals as soon as possible that is however if they are willing to spend a bomb on the grocery bill every week. These days a lot of hype is being made about eating foods that contain low-fat, low-sugar, no gluten because of the fewer calories they contain but it can get frustrating if buying these foods are going to be emptying out your wallet.


You can eat low-calorie foods that at the same time are affordable too. A recent study in the UK revealed that a lot of families found it extremely difficult to afford nutritious food because of their exorbitant pricing. In fact, healthy food was found to cost three times as much as unhealthy food or junk food. Healthy and low-fat items such as tuna, salmon, lean meats and low-fat yogurt cost twice and thrice as much in the United States and the United Kingdom as opposed to burgers, pizzas, and donuts.


So eating a 1000 calorie basket of healthy food was found to cost thrice as much as eating a basket of unhealthy, junk food. Researchers are now suggesting that the prices of healthy and organic foods be reduced to an economical price that fits the budget of high income earning people as well as moderate and low income earning people so that everyone can afford to incorporate the same kind of food into their diets and remain healthy and happy.

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