Fat Burning Diet for Men

Even though the human body is designed in the same way for both men and women, there are still certain things that work well with each of their body types. So it goes without saying that there are some super foods that work better on men than on women and vice versa. The metabolic requirements, BMIs, and structural needs differ in both men and women. Keeping it is mind; here is a list of fat burning super foods that every man should keep stocked in his kitchen.


Almond milk

It might sound weird but milk, though rich in nutritive properties can act as obesogens for some people, which lead them to gain weight. Almond milk happens to be a healthy alternative as it gives you a higher amount of calcium along with Vitamin D which helps in the absorption of calcium in the body. It is also an extremely healthy alternative for lactose intolerant people.


Combination of beer, almonds, broccoli and quinoa

The alkaline-rich drink along with its food counterparts of almonds, quinoa, and broccoli help people maintain a low acidic and high alkaline rich diet. Together they help in fighting inflammation in the digestive system helping you to digest your food well and break those fats down.


Onion and garlic

They might not smell great, but these underground goodies are packed with medicinal and nutritive properties. Onion and garlic are rich in insulin and also contain prebiotic fiber that fuels the digestion-assisting bacteria in your intestines. It turn helps in easy break down and absorption of food, leading to easy weight loss.

Be it the daily essentials or the more exotic variety of fat burning foods, you can find it all in any of the North Jersey supermarkets near you.

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