North Jersey Doctors Discover the Cause of Back Pain

2 Jun

North Jersey Doctors Discover the Cause of Back Pain

The first step to the diagnosis of back pain to our paterson community is to discover the symptoms of back pain. Some common symptoms of back pain include cramps in the muscles of the lower back, redness or soreness in the lower back, severe pain while sitting but relief in the pain while lying down, more relief in pain on straight and hard surfaced beds, increase in pain on changing position and continuous wave-like feelings in the back.

After discovering the symptoms of back pain, the next step is diagnosis.

  • Visit the doctor to take prescription about the back pain tests. Some back pain tests include examining the medical and hereditary history of the patient and physical examination of the patient for injury. If none of the two tests are successful in finding out the real cause of back pain, then the advance diagnosis is conducted.
  • Advance diagnosis includes X-ray testing and nerve testing. In X-ray testing the spinal X-ray pictures are produced in the image tests, radio opaque dye is used to find out pain points in Myelogram and small needles are injected in muscles to predict the intensity of pain with electric waves in Electromyelogram.

Sometimes, a CT scan is also done to find out the pain points and intensity of pain together. In this type of CT scan, MRI and Myelogram are combined for faster diagnosis and quick recovery.

In order to fix your backpain and experience relief it is important that you consult a professional that can help realign your spine so that the pain symptoms can disappear.

Give us a call at Physical Medicine of New Jersey to set up a consultation with Dr. Spages in Paterson, NJ. We may be able to get to the root of your lower back pain once and for all.

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