Power Fruits that Help You Lose Weight

Power Fruits That Help You Lose Weight

The mantra to losing weight steadily and healthily is eating responsibly. Cutting down on food and staying hungry has never helped a single soul lose weight. So what do you do when you are trying to lose weight, but your body keeps demanding more food given its natural eating habits? The answer is simple; you munch on some yummy fruits. You will be s urprised to know how much potential these small power packed fruits bring with them. Check out this list of power fruits that you will help you achieve your svelte figure.


Ranking high in the list of foods assisting weight loss is the watermelon. It has a filling effect on your tummy and also keeps you hydrated. The fruit is also rich in amino acids which help in fat burning.


An apple a day not only keeps the doctor away but also helps in losing weight. Apples keep your bowel movements stable, keep you feeling full, and also pack in 50 calories per serving.


This fiber rich fruit has a low glycemic index which makes it a power fruit not only for people aiming at weight loss, but for diabetic people as well. The fruit keeps your bowel movements healthy thereby helping you process and digest food easily, leading to subsequent weight loss.


They are your go-to fruit to replace energy bars and to assist healthy digestion. Bananas help in filling you with instant energy and also helps keep your BP in check and prevents acidity.

So walk down to your nearby NJ supermarket and get yourself a basket of these super fruits right away! You can find information on more fruits for weight loss here.

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