Top 3 Myths About Obesity and Weight Loss in NJ

It is really hard to live in America as an obese adult or child. The media such as television and magazines portray beauty as being young and fit and if you are a heavyset person it is easy to feel very insecure in today’s society.

As obesity rates have sky-rocketed, people search for answers as to why the number of obese people in the United States has nearly doubled in the past 20 years. Many will lay blame on an individuals’ genetic predisposition or super size meals as the cause for being obese. The answer to why obesity is steadily climbing in America is a hard one to answer.

Here are some myths about Obesity and Weight Loss that must be understood in order to take obesity by the horns and fix it once and for all:

Myth #1: Obesity is Genetic 

This just simply cannot be true. With how fast the rates of obese people in America are rising, this claim just doesn’t make sense.

You may take a look at a person and see that their parents are also heavy and come to the conclusion that it is genetic. However, you must consider the fact that families share environmental and lifestyle factors such as location and eating habits. If you are an obese child and eating baby-back ribs and beans every night, and you’re mother is eating it as well, chances are you are heavyset because of what you’re both eating and not because of genetics.

Myth #2: The Problem is that we are Eating Too Much

It is true, people eat more now than ever before. If you take a look at the portions of food people ate in the 50’s and compare it to the portion sizes we are eating now you will see a big difference. Even though this is definitely part of the problem, we have to look into why people are eating so much.

Why are we not feeling full? Why do we feel the need to keep eating? A hormone is supposed to be released when we are done eating that tells our brains we are full. In most people, especially the obese, this system is broken. We can’t just blame overeating on living in New Jersey, we must look at why we feel the need to overeat.

Myth #3: Heavyset People are Lazy

While this is sometimes the case, this is absolutely not true for everyone. I can say personally that some of the most hard working people I have ever known were overweight. It must be understood that if you are overweight there is a system in the body that is broken. It is not because you’re overeating, and it’s not because you’re dad is overweight. It’s also not because the NJ turnpike has traffic either!

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