Tricks for Rapid Weight Loss in Paterson

Rapid Weight Loss Tricks in Paterson NJ

Most of us have had those moments when we look in the mirror and just don’t like what we see. These moments usually come in places like fitting rooms. Trying on a bathingsuit or a summer dress is not always a pleasant experience. We make a decision at that point to lose the excess pounds, and we want to lose it as fast as possible.

There is a lot of confusing data published on the internet and in news stories. One article may tell you to eat low fat while another study may tell you fat is great for fat loss. How do you know which route to take to shed the pounds fast.

While there is not solely one correct way to go about slimming down, there are some tried and true ways that I recommend going about it because I see so much success with my patients.


How to Kick Start Fat Loss

Now I am going to tell you my secrets for slimming down fast without harming your health. We show many north jersey residents these tricks and to our surprise they do great. This may seem too good to be true but it can be done. The principles I will teach can and should be used as life long habits.

Some common section headers include:

Trick 1: Eat Protein Every 2-3 Hours

Eating protein every 2-3 hours, even if its just a handful of nuts, will stabilize your blood sugar. Stabilizing your blood sugar is detrimental for losing extra pounds.


Trick 2: Curb Your Carb Intake

Our bodies were not designed to handle more than 5 grams of sugar at one time, yet we eat about 6 times that amount or more at every meal. No wonder we are currently facing an obesity epidemic. Cutting down your carbs can dramatically reduce fat storage as well as increase health.


Trick 3: Cut Out all Processed Food

When my patients cut all processed foods out of their diet the results are astounding. Weight pretty much melts offf. My suggestion is to try something like a “Whole 30 challenge”, which requires you to go 30 days with absolutely no processed foods. The benefits of this kind of challenge are amazing.


Trick 4: Take Probiotics for Gut Health

I have found that my patients that fix the health of their guts tend to slim down pretty quickly. Having the wrong bacteria in your gut can stop all fat loss efforts. At my office I give my patients a very high quality probiotic and my patients see excellent results.


Trick 5: Don’t Eat Foods You’re Allergic or Intolerant to

This trick may require allergy testing by a trained functional medicine doctor. These tests are invaluable for those looking to drop weight because when your body is reacting to the food you are eating your body will become inflamed which results in swelling and puffiness. Physical Medicine of New Jersey currently offers ALCAT testing which tests for hundreds of different food allergies.

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