Unexpected Side Effects of Sudden and Extreme Weight Loss

11 Jul

Unexpected Side Effects of Sudden and Extreme Weight Loss

There are many benefits associated with weight loss. With every pound you lose, you cut down the chances of developing diabetes, coronary diseases, back pain, and even some types of cancer. However, all these positives sometimes stop people from expecting some of the side effects related to sudden and extreme weight loss. Here are two things to keep in mind and be prepared for while you are trying to lose weight.


As weird as it might sound, your shedding pounds might not make you feel as happy as it should. Research has shown that people who lose lots of weight all of sudden tend to show signs of depression as against the people who have hardly lost any weight. The reason could be the high hopes that people associate with weight loss. When they continue facing the same issues even after shedding so many pounds, they tend to slip into depression. By getting enough rest and eating healthy food whenever you feel hungry, you can avert the blues of weight loss.

Saggy skin

When you lose lots of weight, your skin tends to become saggy and loose. This is because of the fat burning underneath your skin. Your skin continues to be the way it was, stretching over large amounts of fat. A lot depends on your age, the elasticity of your skin, and how much weight you have lost. The easiest way to deal with the problem is to build muscles to make your skin look nice and taut. Consult a gym instructor at your nearby North Jersey gym, to sign up for a muscle building routine, to help with this issue.

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