Weight Loss Diet for Menopausal Women

12 Jul

Weight Loss Diet for Menopausal Women

Keeping body weight in control can become a problem for women undergoing menopause or in post menopause which can in turn increase the risk

of certain diseases for them, most of which result from the lack of knowledge about a proper diet. Are you someone facing a similar problem?

In that case, you should follow a balanced lifestyle and eat healthy, fat burning food to stay fighting fit.

What and what not should you look to eat?

Two servings of fish weekly- Eat fish at least a couple of times every week. This will keep heart related diseases at bay. Fish oil is a known preventive for breast cancer.
Increased calcium intake- After 40, you need to increase the amount of calcium that you consume daily. It helps to check diseases like osteoporosis. Lower estrogen means lower calcium retention capacity of your bones. How to get more calcium in your diet.
Low sugar and fat consumption- Don’t avoid these completely. But reduce intake.
Low intake of salt and processed carbohydrates- These food items have a tendency to retain water in your body leading to urinary tract infections.
Drink more water- This is very important to keep your cells hydrated.
Soy products- Eat more soy food like tofu and soy milk which helps to reduce chances of diseases like breast cancer and keeps you fit. The dangers of soy.
Avoid caffeine- Drinking piping hot cups of caffeine in the morning can increase chances of hot flashes. You can drink iced herbal tea instead.

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You should find these weight loss tips useful. Bid goodbye to post menopause worries and enjoy life!

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