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Weight Loss Diets for Diabetic Patients

26 May

Weight Loss Diets for Diabetic Patients

If you are a Type-2 diabetic, you need to be worried

about your body weight and must make constant efforts to keep it in check. Due to lack of natural insulin in your blood, your doctor might recommend you to supplement insulin from outside through various medications. The thing is, insulin supplements have a tendency to make you fat.

What are the best food options if you are diabetic and overweight?


  • Eat more roughage and fiber– If you are a diabetic trying to lose weight, green vegetables and salads are the food you should eat in plenty in most of your daily meals. It helps to keep your blood sugar level and body weight in check. However, you will have to avoid starchy vegetables like corn and peas.
  • Eat more fruits– You will have to eat lots of fresh fruits and beans. Berries are a good option when fighting body fat. Avoid canned fruits since they often contain sugar as preservatives.
  • Lean protein– Having fish or chicken 2 or 3 times every week should be fine as long as they are supplemented with regular exercise.Avoid soy.
  • Have mini-meals in between- Don’t overeat in one large meal. It is important that you intake the right amount of calories in small meals. Consult a dietician.

Fat burning exercise regimen and healthy diets can help you to stay in shape and also keep your diabetes in control. Make a small adjustment to your lifestyle and see the change.

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