Weight Loss Tips for Paterson Diabetics in 2015

The topic of weight loss and diabetes play hand and hand. “Many Paterson NJ diabetics are told to “just lose the weight” by their doctors” states Dr Jonathan Spages. This starts the frustration with many diabetics because since their metabolism is broken they run into difficulty trying to lose this weight. Follow this simple steps to get the most out of losing weight.

#1 Watch your Exercise Closely

Most diabetics are told to exercise as a part of a healthy lifestlye. However, this is sometimes not a good idea for diabetics. Why? you ask because since the metabolism isnt working by trying to force blood sugar into the cells it could lead to insulin resistance. Yes, the blood sugar numbers may come down for a little but in the long run it could cost more to your diabetes then you would like. The best thing it to run the appropriate blood labs to see if your body can handle the exercise.

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#2 Keep it Simple

Keeping to the basics of losing weight always works the best. Maintain a good customized diet and simple walking does a world of good. Many times after that goal from New Years Resolutions it could be tough keeping it simple and light but that tends to work the best. This is a journey not a destination. Create a healthy lifestyle to live by for a long time instead of trying to get from 0 to 100 in 1 minute. Slow and steady wins the race.
#3 Ugly truth about insulin

Talk to your doctor if you are on insulin. This is a fat storing hormone. Being on insulin and trying to lose weight is next to impossible. The biggest goal is to get healthy enough to lessen your insulin and be able to get control of your BMI. Always talk to your doctors about any medication changes.


“Keep is simple” states Dr Jonathan Spages a chiropractor who focuses on patients in North Jersey. He has been able to reverse diabetes with his patients. Is there a care for diabetes? No however it is reversable. If you live in NJ find out why you are sick with thorough testing and do a custom treatment to get well. The system works when you work the system. If you live in North Jersey get more information about how Dr Spages reverses diabetes. Give us a call at 973-523-5252.

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