What Not to do for Weight Loss

When treading on the path of weight loss you will hear a lot about weight loss dos, but not about the don’ts. This article talks about some of the important points to avoid while you are trying to lose weight and maintain a diet.

Don’t miss breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It provides your body with the fuel to start your day and keep it going till noon when you have your lunch or brunch. When we talk about skipping breakfast, we are not talking about just a day or two, when you really need to rush and skip on your morning bite. Some people go into the habit of skipping their morning meals for a glass of juice and a couple of crackers. This is what is really unhealthy. Pack in your first meal with a healthy mix of carbs (for energy), proteins (for muscle building), vitamins and minerals (to boost your immunity), and fiber (to restore your digestive health). Here is a great source of information on why breakfast is so important!

Don’t make it difficult for yourself

It is okay to stick to a diet, but you should know how to handle the dinners you ought to attend and how to ensure you don’t overeat or starve yourself on such occasions. Keep it light and simple; yet don’t deprive yourself of the good food.

Don’t just rely on your diet

It takes two to tango. The same applies to a healthy mix of diet and daily exercises in order to boost fat burning and losing weight. You need the right food to break down the fats into energy and use the energy to build strong muscles. Only then can you turn flab into fab.

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