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Prescribed Drugs for Weight Loss

Obesity-related risks are very dangerous. For people who are unable to lose much weight from exercises or diet, prescribed drugs may help. In fact, prescribed drugs can help you to lose more weight than you would by following the other alternatives of weight loss. Some of the prescribed drugs for long-term use are mentioned below. […]
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Do Morning Birds Lose More Weight?

You must have heard about the benefits of being a morning bird many times before. It opens up a host of health benefits that you can enjoy. Apart from the happy feeling of having an entire day’s time in your hands and warm sunshine in your face, being up early helps you lose weight as […]
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Does Yoga Work for Weight Loss?

You may be aware of the host of health benefits and goodness that practicing yoga brings to your life. It makes you fitter, more focused and in more control of your life. It also helps you in losing weight, developing muscles, and improving flexibility of your body. All you need is determination, discipline, and six-by-six […]