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Foods to Help Knee Pain and Get Athlete’s Knees in Passaic County

Improper eating habits and poor lifestyle are the reasons knee pain is becoming common in young people. You can maintain the health of your bones like an athlete even after 60 years of age and prevent joint problems simply by doing proper exercise, improving your lifestyle, and eating the best foods for your bones. Here are […]

3 Reasons Why Diets Don’t Work for NJ Diabetics

nj diabetics

INTRODUCTION: I have heard so many times how diabetics try to “diet” their way into better health. Sometimes its their new years resolution or just good advice to shed a few pounds.  Dr Spages sees so many patients struggle with setting a goal and then failing shortly after. The 3 biggest reasons why this doesn’t […]

1 Thing Every NJ Diabetic Must Know Before Their Next Blood Test

blood test

Its typical that New Jersey diabetics get their blood tested every 3 months. This is the typical standard of care for anyone with blood sugar problems unless you are on insulin. With insulin, there is usually more TLC needed because the patient is in such dangerous stage of the disease. “I notice at seminars that […]