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Do Morning Birds Lose More Weight?

You must have heard about the benefits of being a morning bird many times before. It opens up a host of health benefits that you can enjoy. Apart from the happy feeling of having an entire day’s time in your hands and warm sunshine in your face, being up early helps you lose weight as well. That’s right, being exposed to the morning light can help you lose weight without even exercising.

People who get more morning light have lower and healthier Body Mass Index (BMI), irrespective of their age, diets, or lifestyle. There are two reasons that can substantiate the phenomenon of losing weight through sun exposure.

Efficient metabolism

When you expose yourself to the morning sunlight, your internal body clock is synchronized, which leads to a natural activity and sleep routine. Waking up early gives you more time to realize your day’s chores and activities and it encourages you to go to bed earlier. This in turn improves your metabolism and helps it run more efficiently. Thereby, absorbing the nutrients in a more balanced manner and leading to gradual weight loss.

Better circadian rhythm

Even though exposure to sunlight is possible from morning till evening, the sunlight exposure is more effective in the early morning. This is because of the higher levels of blue lights in the morning rays. This concentration of the blue light is specifically proven to improve circadian rhythms, which monitor daily bodily functions like tissue repair, metabolism, and food absorption.

So even if you are not a morning workout person, grab a coffee and go for a walk to the nearby park in the North Jersey area and soak in the morning sunshine.

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