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Fat Burning Super Foods for Women

With a demanding lifestyle, which does not give much time to work out or keep an eye on your daily food intake, women often find it difficult to stick to a diet. As much as they would like to burn their body fat, their busy lifestyles lead to them gaining more than they can lose. Other factors such as hormonal imbalance and pregnancy often throw them off the routine. So it is advisable to eat the right types of food that will assist in fat burning on a daily basis. It will help in keep the weights off in the long run.


Power proteins


Proteins are the biggest weapons to fight fat any given day. Digesting proteins makes the body work hard for which it needs its fuels in the form of fatty acids. Processing proteins lead to burning calories, which results in a higher metabolic rate. In the long run, you can see your fats turning into healthy muscles.


Complex carbohydrates


These kinds of carbs take longer to break down by the body, thereby keeping you fuller for longer hours. Carbs also keep your blood sugar levels stable. Some good complex carbs are low-fat yoghurt, nuts, seeds, and legumes, and whole grain bread and pasta.


Fiber foods


Fiber-rich foods facilitate easy digestion and absorption of essential nutrients into the body. They are filling and also low in fat.




Apart from giving you strong bones, calcium-rich foods signal your body to absorb less fat thereby keeping the kilos off your body.


You can find these super foods at any of the North Jersey supermarkets near you.


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