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What is Medical Weight Loss?

Often people confuse medical weight loss with clinical procedures, both invasive and non-invasive. They consider treatments like liposuction and taking weight loss pills as components of medical weight loss. However, it is not true. Medical weight loss deals with weight management based on medical principles that direct their focus on the actual causes of obesity. […]
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Top 3 Myths About Obesity and Weight Loss in NJ

It is really hard to live in America as an obese adult or child. The media such as television and magazines portray beauty as being young and fit and if you are a heavyset person it is easy to feel very insecure in today’s society. As obesity rates have sky-rocketed, people search for answers as to […]
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Cons of Weight Loss Surgery if you live in New Jersey

The Struggle is Real Many struggling to lose their excess fat who think they’ve tried everything will probably at some point consider surgery. This is understandable considering how hard it is to lose the extra pounds and how all the effort with no results can leave you feeling quite hopeless. However, many NJ residents don’t […]