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Poop and your Weight…

Poop and your Weight… Researchers are hard at work trying to uncover the biological secrets hidden in the microbiome, and for good reason: the trillions of bacteria that live in and on us play a role in illness and health, and scientists are getting a better idea of why. The bugs we live with have been […]

3 Reasons Why Diets Don’t Work for NJ Diabetics

nj diabetics

INTRODUCTION: I have heard so many times how diabetics try to “diet” their way into better health. Sometimes its their new years resolution or just good advice to shed a few pounds.  Dr Spages sees so many patients struggle with setting a goal and then failing shortly after. The 3 biggest reasons why this doesn’t […]

Basic Principles for Successful Weight Loss

weight loss principles

Weight loss is easy and can be achieved faster if a few basic principles are maintained and followed regularly. Although there are a lot of different diets and weight loss programs out there, all of them contain the same basic principles for successful weight loss so it doesn’t really matter which diet or weight loss […]