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Our care combines the unique approaches of Functional Medicine and Chiropractic. This approach provides you with a non-surgical way to weight loss and reverse diabetes to restore your health. Our health care team is committed to providing the best in healthcare.

The highest quality of health services to help restore each patient to optimal health and well-being. Reverse Diabetes or achieve faster weight loss in Paterson NJ with our unique approach with Lipolight and nutritional weight loss programs. A completely individualized program will be designed utilizing the most advanced combination of diagnostics and treatment options available.

Dr. Jonathan Spages

Dr. Jonathan Spages, DC specializes in Functional Medicine and is uniquely skilled at working with the root physiological, biochemical, and hormonal imbalances associated with type II diabetes and hypothyroidism, as well as many other chronic illnesses. He has broken free from the limiting approach of a standard of care that provides drugs and hormones as the first defense for these diseases. By using breakthrough diagnostic testing and analysis rarely done in the conventional setting.

Dr. Spages is able to uncover the hidden causes of why a person may be experiencing the diseases of diabetes and hypothyroidism. Dr Spages also takes great pride in delivering personalized health care for diabetics and women suffering from hypothyroidism, in addition providing an environment that supports and inspires patients.

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