How to Reverse Diabetes Naturally

Do you know what is causing your Diabetes?


Do you know there is a way to naturally reverse diabetes?

Did you doctor ever mention that it could be done in a short period of time?

Do you even know why diabetes happens (it’s not genetic)?

Read below for an approach to diabetes that will have you amazed at the results!!


Patients reduce, even eliminate need for medication after new therapy. Diabetes, and its various complications, are near the top of the list of Americans major health concerns.

Often those at risk of the disease are unaware of its progression until major symptoms appear along with life-threatening conditions. Once fully developed, Diabetes can mean a permanently restricted diet, insulin injections and a lowered quality of life.

Recently our patients have reported remarkable success with a new approach to screening and treating persons at risk of Diabetes.

This new approach does not rely on harsh medications and restrictive diets to lower blood sugar levels, but rather a direct focus on the endocrine system, the system of glands that regulate most bodily functions, and supplementation to that system.

It is an imbalance in this critical system of the body that is the cause of diabetes. After just a few weeks of this diabetes breakthrough approach, some pre-diabetics are seeing their elevated blood sugar levels begin to return to normal after years of steady increase.

Those who are current diabetics may also expect to see improvement as well, sometimes remarkably so.

This same therapy, called Functional Medicine, has been knowing to free Diabetics of their daily medication and injections and turn back the clock on diabetes.

Dr Spages and his team are located across from Lowe’s and MicroCenter at 234 Mclean Blvd in Paterson NJ. The above video will provide you the best information about how to reverse diabetes naturally.

The results are pretty amazing….

Rich Just Started Dropping Weight….25 lbs! 

  • Better Blood Sugar
  • Lost Weight 
  • Regained Energy
  • Taking Less Medications…5.8 A1C…..

*individual results vary.

Shelia Feels Great in 3 weeks!!

  • Started with 12 units of Lantis and Metaformin….
  • Down 4 units of Insulin
  • Taking 1 less medication 
  • Regained Energy
  • Finally getting results

*individual results vary.

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Patients See a Quick Improvement…

Nothing worked for John!

  • Hates Insulin…
  • Blood Sugar is the best is has been
  • Taking Less Medications

Terry Scared!

  • Almost 100% Improvement
  • Witness the results
  • Sugar from 180 to 150 to 140 to 92!!!
  • Finally getting results with diabetes
  • We got to the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM!!

*individual results vary.

Do you know what is causing your Diabetes?

Vincent Under 100 Blood Sugar!

  • Fast results….
  • More enthusiasm 
  • Incredible changes in Diabetes..
  • Non-Diabetic!!

*individual results vary.

Dave Significant Improvement!

  • 100’s Blood sugar
  • Lost Weight …30 lbs drop!!
  • Fantastic results…
  • Happy with radical results..

*individual results vary.

Micheal Eliminates 2 Diabetic Medication!

  • Changes lifestyle..not just diet
  • Lost Weight ….25 lbs!!!
  • Moves Faster..
  • Less Medications after a short time…

*individual results vary.

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  • A consultation with me, Dr. Jonathan Spages, D.C., to discuss your problems and answer ALL your questions. I will thoroughly explain the program as well as my clinical model.
  • A complete Type II Diabetes qualification case history and questionnaire to help determine if I can help you.  If I can’t help then I will tell you I can’t help.
  • A Complete Type II Diabetes Dietary and Nutritional Evaluation. Here I will spend the time to analyze your dietary habits to determine whether or not you need to make any adjustments. In addition, I will personally evaluate all your nutritional supplements, herbs, minerals, botanicals, homeopathic, etc. to determine whether or not they are right for you.
  • Bring all your medical records. I will go over them with a “fine tooth comb” to make sure nothing has been missed. I can’t tell you how many times I have found something that has been overlooked that could completely change your prognosis.

Total Value ($245)

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Want To Step Up To Reverse Diabetes Naturally? Here’s What to Do

Are you a diabetic and want to reverse your problem naturally? Here is the best choice for you. people believe that natural remedies are very effective even in the long run and also less harmful to health. But you must not find the best way on how to reverse diabetes naturally yet, right? We are thus providing you with the best natural remedial measures that can definitely help you to get your problem reversed easily.

Types of diabetes and its causes

Before going to tell you about how to reverse diabetes naturally, let us first know about two types of diabetes that most of the people suffer from and their possible causes so that you can detect it by your own and start precautions immediately. The two types are Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Type 1 is permanent and can be cured depending upon your luck. But if have type 2 diabetes, you can easily reverse it using the following measures.

How to reverse diabetes naturally?

Now, here are some simple techniques on how to reverse diabetes naturally. By using these, you will definitely succeed in your diabetes problem very easily.

  1. Avoid all refined carbohydrates.
  2. Do not ignore good quality, healthy, natural fat – avocados, olives, almonds etc.
  3. Do not waste your energy counting calories. Concentrate on the quality of the food that you are eating everyday and the calorie control will succeed thereby.
  4. Do at least 5 minutes of kitchen workout everyday.
  5. Include as much as high-quality protein and fat with every single meal.
  6. Try to sit and take your meat on the table only.
  7. Consider the habit of fasting regularly.

Apply these simple suggestions and get relief from your diabetes problem sooner and easier. If you want to know more about how to reverse diabetes naturally, just keep an eye on our blog or you can also consult with our physicians. They will provide you with all the relevant answers for your query and help to resolve your problems.

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