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Patients reduce, even eliminate need for medication after new therapy. Diabetes, and its various complications, are near the top of the list of Americans major health concerns. Often those at risk of the disease are unaware of its progression until major symptoms appear along with life threatening conditions. Once fully developed, Diabetes can mean a permanently restricted diets, insulin injections and a lowered quality of life. Recently the medical professionals at Physical Medicine of New Jersey have reported remarkable success with a new approach to screening and treating persons at risk of Diabetes. They have even seen success with many patients who already have diabetes.

This new approach does not rely on harsh medications and restrictive diets to lower blood sugar levels, but rather a direct focus on the endocrine system, the system of glands that regulate most bodily functions, and supplementation to that system. It is an imbalance in this critical system of the body that is the cause of diabetes. After just a few weeks of this breakthrough therapy some per-diabetics are seeing their elevated blood sugar levels begin to return to normal after years of steady increase.

Those who are current Diabetics may also expect to see improvement as well, sometimes remarkably so. This same therapy, called Functional Metabolic Medicine, has been know to free Diabetics of their daily medication and injections and turn back the clock on diabetes.  Our office is located across from Lowe’s and MicroCenter in Paterson NJ.

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