Does Yoga Work for Weight Loss?

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You may be aware of the host of health benefits and goodness that practicing yoga brings to your life but what about weight loss?

It makes you fitter, more focused and in more control of your life. It also helps you in losing weight, developing muscles, and improving the flexibility of your body. All you need is determination, discipline, and six-by-six space to practice Yoga.

Yoga does not need any equipment. If you practice the Angamardana system of yoga, you can be assured of achieving physical fitness.


How does Yoga help in Weight Loss?

Yoga rejuvenates you and your body’s system in a way that your body is aware of what food it is ingesting and how much. As this awareness increases, your body demands only as much food as it needs.

This removes the problems of over-eating and binge-eating, two of the biggest causes of weight gain. It will not be you who will be controlling your diet but the body itself. It also balances the functions of the body and the different organs in a way to maintain a proper hormonal balance that leads to a healthier you.


Building Muscles in the Process of Weight Loss


Losing weight does not only mean fat burning. It also implies turning the fat into muscles to give you a tauter and fit look.

Practicing yoga postures can help you create muscles out of the excess fat and also help you become more flexible.

Once your body achieves increased flexibility, it is easier for you to exercise and continue with your daily chores, thus locking you into a healthier lifestyle.


Look for yoga centers in the North Jersey area to start a healthy weight loss regime at the earliest, or call us at Physical Medicine of NJ to schedule a consultation with our weight loss staff.

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