Hi everybody. I’m Dr. Jonathan Spages, the Natural Diabetes Doctor. Let me say a little bit about myself. So I’ve been a natural health care for all my life. I’m a natural doctor and I do Function Medicine which allows me to know what to do to help people who are diabetic and help them get better and get them feeling better. So, the topic I wanna talk about is ENERGY

What is the common thing needs help people who are diabetic they say you are lazy. Right?

They say diabetics are diabetics because they are lazy. Right? They chose to eat the wrong foods, they chose to eat all the junk foods, that’s why they are diabetic. OK. NOT true! That is not true.

Most people who are diabetic actually have great diets. Most people like me who are full blown diabetic have actually not been abusive., They’re not the person that is actually eating all the junk food all day. The point I am trying to say is that there’s a reason why people are diabetic. There are organs on your body go funky, they go crazy. And they make you an unable to have a good metabolism. What is diabetes? That is a broken metabolism. You’ll realise that the way it is not the only factor you have for being diabetic. There are other issues.

So, until next time. BE WELL, STAY WELL. Follow this information that we’re giving on every single one of these episodes. ‘Cause it gonna help you understand more about this disease and get better. You can tell those drugs to go somewhere else and not in your body. OK. So best of luck to you.