Bad News for Diabetics

Hi everybody. I’m Dr. Jonathan Spages the Natural Diabetes doctor. I want to welcome you to today’s show and a lot of good information to go over a little bit about myself.

So, I’ve been a natural health care my whole life. I read books, I’ve been on TV radio all that fun stuff and I now do what’s called Functional Medicine where I go and spend my time reversing diabetes. I take people who are full blown diabetic and under natural protocols and figuring out why they’re sick getting them to reverse their diabetes which is pretty amazing and we see that black and white in labs.

But on today’s show, I’m gonna to tell you right now you’re not gonna like what I’m going to say today’s show is going to be something that is going to be very may be hurtful to you and I’m sorry to say right now but the truth of the matter is you cannot reverse diabetes…

The truth of the matter is and the reason why people don’t get better is because diabetes is only a symptom. It is a symptom something else is wrong that’s making your numbers go high. Right? As a type 2 diabetic, you won’t reverse diabetes if you don’t fix the cause of it. You understand, you have to get down to what is making the numbers go up. So right now if you’re taking a pill after pill after pill after pill and you’re not going and getting a treatment plan that actually fixes the root of behind the disease behind what’s causing your diabetes, you will stay sick as a diabetic and that is a very true statement and that is why you will not get better. You will not get better as a diabetic if you only treat the symptoms of diabetes you have to get down to the cause. OK?

When you look and when we spend our time in Functional Medicine looking at what is the root behind the disease, we will find that there are many things that actually make the blood sugar levels go up and you’ll understand more about that and some of our other shows. But today’s show is very important to realize that if you stay in that trap of just treating the symptoms of diabetes and not really getting to the cause of it you’re not going to get better. You can get better if you take a different approach. If you take a drastic approach you can make a complete different change to your overall health.

So, thank you for listening today’s show be well stay well and we look forward to seeing you one of our our future shows because we have some really exciting things coming down the down the road with…with how you became a diabetic and why it’s having a hard time some diet tips were good fats and so and so forth. So. we’ll see you for our next show.