Hi everybody. I’m Dr. Jonathan Spages the Natural Diabetes Doctor and today we’re gonna be talking about a very interesting topic with Diabetics and Weight. Right. The common thing that most doctors say “Diabetes and Weight and Diabetes and Weight. So I am actually gonna kind exposed this myth so you understand more about how this whole thing works.

A little bit more about myself, so I’ve been in a natural health care for pretty much all my life between being an athlete and a bodybuilder and a natural doctor and now I do Functional Medicine which is a protocol designed to help diabetics reverse the disease, lessen their medication, feel better, get more energy, lose weight naturally. It is exciting.

So let’s talk a little bit about this whole way things, so most doctors especially on Day 1 explained to a diabetic, “Hey go out there and lose the weight” and they say “you’re overweight”, “you need to change your ways, you need to change your diet and so forth”.

What happen is most diabetics go out and they struggle they try to go lose the weight. Now, nevermind some the side effects of some of the medications which affect the ability to lose weight. But just this disease process makes it really challenging, makes it really tough to go out and actualy see a change in your weight nevermind the fact that there’s a low energy.

So what we find is when you do the research, you really dig. Right? Like what we do in Functional Medicine, you really search out through very comprehensive lab testing. You’ll find out that most of the reasons why they can’t lose weight is… something is hidden in the labs. There’s just under the surface that the person can’t see that the doctor may not be looking for that can actually help their ability to burn fat and lose weight without actually taking radical diets, and things that in nature.

So, what you hear is that they say lose the weight.

Let’s talk a little bit about how this may not make sense. Well, because we see so many patients who tried to lose weight and they’ve done drastic things, gastric bypasses, they’ve done other types of surgeries, to hep lose the weight but they’re still diabetic and they wonder why I’ve lose all these weight, why I go this through drastic extreme measures to lose weight but yet I’m still sick and I saw a hard time with my metabolism. So, we know that there are people who go and lose weight and they’re still diabetic.

And what is the other side of that?

Well, The other side of that is that most people know that there are 10 people out there who’re type 2 diabetics. When I do a large seminar,I have at least I have a 10% of audience who’re bone thin, they don’t need to lose any weight or very little weight and yet they’re full blown diabetic. So understand, the weight is NOT the cause of the disease. It’s a symptom showing you that “Hey the metabolism is wrong or something is broken but it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the fixed. So, there are other reasons behind why you’re type 2 diabetic besides just weight. That is the end of today’s show, BE WELL, STAY WELL, do whatever you can to really reverse this disease, you can’t reverse it, you just need the right protocols to do so.