Hi everybody. I’m Dr. Jonathan Spages. Welcome to today’s show. Today, we’re gonna be talking about the whole mystery of dinasour bones and how it relates to being overweight. So I hope you enjoy today’s episode. And I hope, you’ll get a lot out of this particular episode. You can subscribe below to these different videos we have and I hope you’re getting something from it.

A little bit about me:

I reverse diabetes.
I do Functional Medicine which allows me to know exctly what to do through lab testing and other types of test to figure out why some are diabetic.
I put them on natural protocols, very specific and customizes them in order to help them improve and see improvements in their health, their well-being, losing weight, gaining energy and also becoming many times non-diabetic. So it’s very exciting. I love doing a little bit of natural health care for most of my life and this is just awesome, this sort of tools that are out there that you really see difference with the patients.

So I’ve heard something throughout the years and it’s kind of funny but some of you heard this that sometimes you see people that are larger, maybe they need to lose weight, they’r the larger frame, and they say “the reason why I am overweight is because I have large bones. I’m large boned”

I’ll tell you in my experience even doing chiropractic, when I was doing X-rays on patients, I’ve looked and I’ve never seen a dinasour bone inside of human being. I’ve never seen someone with extra large bone and I’m not sure where that whole idea came from but it’s very interesting because that is a theory that it doesn’t standup it’s time, it doesn’t make any sense. It’s just interesting people say that.

There’s no such thing being large bones. Now, peole do have larger frames of course but the bigger thing that we look at with weight is we look at the person’s metabolism – what’s broken in the metabolism, what’s the engine behind the body and is the body working correctly and that’s what we have to figure out. And there’s specific test you can look at in labs. As an example, you could see if someone has a metabolism that’s moving fast or metabolism that’s moving slow. The fast is the easiest way to do that is look at the mirror. That’s the best test to see whether your metabolism is in the right direction because if you see that you are gaining weight in certain areas, that shows something is possibly broken.

Now, remember the worst place you could be as a diabetic if you’re diabetic watching this video is in diabetes, Diabetes is completely a broken metabolism especially type 2 diabetic. So realize that we is just assign that something is wrong not to cure obviously for diabetes and it’s also not the cause of diabetes. And if you just lose weight it doesn’t mean you won’t be diabetic. There are many other factors. Once again, you don’t have dinasour bones in your body. There’s nothing inside your body that is making it heavy besides broken metabolism.

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