Hi everybody. I’m Dr. Jonathan Spages – The Natural Diabetes Doctor. Welcome to Today’s episode. The topic is basically what to do in summer? And let’s talk a little bit about that.

So before we get into that, a little bit about myself. I’ve been doing natural health care for most of my life. I do now Functional Medicine which I reverse diabetes. We put people on specific protocols to find exactly why they’re sick. The reason why I am so much passionate to help people who’re diabetic is that I have family members who have lost their legs, gone blind and had major complications of this disease. So this is my mission to go out there and actually give information to people who are diabetic so they can actually improve their quality of life and put them on a better path and getting better and lessening the medication and actually beating this disease.

Let’s talk about the summer.

What happens in the summer?

Summer is a challenging time of the year. Right? And the biggest reason for that is there are barbeques here, there are barbeques there. And the biggest this is you have to watch out on barbeques. The reason for this is other people are cooking. They’re choosing maybe the wrong food. They’re maybe having food there that isn’t diabetic friendly so you really have to watch on these particular things.

Try to keep your meals to protein, veggies and watch on all other things. Now, I know it’s common – Some doctors say, “Be sure to have the fruit. Be sure to have things that are natural and healthy. ‘Cause you’ll realise some diabetics don’t respond well on fruit. Some don’t respond well with rice. So you have to watch out whenever you got a barbeque, eating that foods could actually make your diabetes worst and so forth. Some of these patients don’t know they’re really sick who are diabetic. There’s something underneath this particular process so you really have to spend the time and energy to figure out what’s making your sick.

Let’s say you go to particular barbeque friend, they don’t know necessarily how really sick you are, some people don’t even tell that they’re diabetic so they’re not gonna know to prepare the foods that gonna be necessarily healthy for you and to get you up. So, those are some food advice for the summer.

Make sure that you really stay disciplined. You wanna enjoy many summer, you wanna get better with this disease. So be sure you really have your focus in and your discipline. So you’re doing the right steps in order to help yourself. Alright. You don’t want to do something, something what’s wrong. And your blood sugar goes up to hundred points to hundred points.

Use this advice and remember STAY WELL, BE WELL, DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO. You can REVERSE this disease just you need to know why you’re sick and a protocol to get you get better. So I hope you enjoy this episode and have a great summer!