Hi everyone. I’m Dr. Jonathan Spages. I’m the Diabetes Doctor, I’m the natural guy that goes out there versus diabetes.

And a little bit about me, so I’ve been in a natural health care for practically all my life between being an athlete, as a bodybuilder and I was into health care and that making me a natural doctor. Now I do Functional Medicine which is designed to reverse diabetes. My biggest passion behind this as many of you know is my grandmother suffer from diabetes very badly. Her life was ended because of the complications behind this disease. And my family members who’ve gone blind and lost legs unfortunately. So we reverse diabetes and that is what I’ve been specialized doing and that is where we’re very successful at.

But today’s topic is very very important. This is what they commonly tell people who are diabetic. What they talk about is “You are a type 2 diabetic because it’s genetic.Well let me explain to you something. That is completely NOT TRUE!

When you look at the research behind that, we’ll see that when we look at the growth rate in which a population is going is actually less than the amount of diabetes. Diabetes is going through the roof yet our population is even going that high. You’ll see this big divide between the two – a numbers so we know that’s not the keys. The other thing that’s true is that they’ve done Gino project – this is a big project that was conducted that it all look at all the genes in the body and they tell that there is no genes in the body for the diabetes. Searchers suggest that if it was a genetic it was such a small percentage of people who are diabetic that won’t even matter. So I know that’s the common thing that’s been told but Type 2 diabetes is not a genetic predisposition meaning you don’t get born and you become a type 2 diabetic. Now you may become a type 1 diabetic but not type 2 diabetic.

So this message is important because it show you that there’s gotta be other reasons why you maybe a diabetic and you have to really figure what are those things out in order to get better.

So that’s the end of today’s show, I want you to BE WELL, and GET WELL. Diabetes is reversible. Thank you.