Hi everybody I’m Dr.. Jonathan Spages, the Natural Diabetes Doctor.

OK so I want to go over today’s topic? Actually a very important one and that is talking about basically what is diabetes. Right! So we have this this big disease, dangerous disease called diabetes.

What the heck is it what does it really mean and I want to make that very simple.

OK. A little bit about myself so I’m an author, I’ve done natural health care for most of my life. Before I was obviously in grade school and the kid but I’ve done for most of my life I do Functional Medicine which is where my training is to reverse diabetes is to figure out why someone is a diabetic and figure out the protocols needed to get them better.

OK. So very awesome and very successful and very effective but I want to talk about this whole understanding of what is diabetes. Right. And there’s all these books written about diabetes and all this really tough explanations of diabetes but let me make it really simple so you can understand it. The engine of your body, the metabolism of your body the thing that makes you go basically is broken.

OK so that’s basically what diabetes is. There are symptoms of diabetes or a broken metabolism way before you become a diabetic. Some people see it where they have a lack of energy. Right? That’s a sign of the metabolism, kind of getting a little bit broken. Some people see where their weight starts to increase. Some people see other factors like they may see things in their labs that don’t look good. And these could all be signs that your metabolism is breaking right….and finally when it gets broken it is called diabetes.

They put a label on it and then obviously has a diabetic there are stages to that meaning that there are different places where your diabetes could be not as bad it’s broken but it’s not as bad and then eventually when you get on to insulin that is the worst place you could be as a diabetic. All right and that’s the last place that any diabetic ever want to get everyone to get to. So the point I’m trying to make is that when you look at diabetes, just realise you have a broken engine right the engine of your body which is comprised of a lot of organs is not functioning well it’s not it’s not working well and it’s important that you go work on those things in that engine to get it better and thus when you get that better you’ll get better right that’s how the body will work right…

You fix what’s wrong..it’s pretty simple your body will improve. OK. So that’s it for today’s show we look forward to seeing you on one of our next shows and BE WELL, STAY WELL, you can reverse diabetes, you just have to get down to the cause of it.