Foods to Help Knee Pain and Get Athlete’s Knees in Passaic County

Foods to Help Knee Pain

Improper eating habits and poor lifestyle are the reasons knee pain is becoming common in young people. You can maintain the health of your bones like an athlete even after 60 years of age and prevent joint problems simply by doing proper exercise, improving your lifestyle, and eating the best foods for your bones.

Here are some of the foods you can eat to keep your joints in tip top shape:

Red Cherries – Anthocyanin in the red cherries prevents gout problems with its anti-inflammatory properties and prevents bone pain. Many other best foods for knees belong to the same fruit family and contain anthocyanin as an active ingredient. These include raspberries, strawberries, and black and blueberries.

Essential Oils – Avocado, almonds, sunflower, and many other essential oil sources are rich in anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal properties. These are also rich in Omega-3 and support calcium deposition and binding in the knee joints.

Egg & Healthy Dairy – Yogurt, cheese, egg, milk and other dairy foods are highly rich not only in Calcium but in Vitamin D and Omega 6 as well. Don’t ditch dairy foods if you want to prevent knee problems even in old age. Be sure to get organic dairy from grass-fed cows for the best results.

Nuts – Cashew nuts are richest in calcium and vitamin D. Nuts are used not only to repair the knees but these are also recommended to the patients of Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Chewing odd numbers of pistachio, cashew nuts, almonds and other nuts can improve flexibility, mobility and strength of your knees. These are also amazing for your knee muscles and regular but mild joint pain.

Aloe Vera and Broccoli – These are not only great alternatives to knee pain medicines but also amazing to cure pain in knees before and after the surgery. The scientists are studying the capacity of broccoli and Aloe Vera to permanently cure Rheumatoid Arthritis.

If you implement these new foods into your diet you will be on your way to healthy knees in no time. Give us a call at Physical Medicine of New Jersey in Paterson, NJ and set up a private consultation with our medical staff to discuss ways we can help you take care of your knees and recover from joint pain. We are located right on Route 20 in Paterson across from Lowes and Microcenter in Passaic County.

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