Low Thyroid Condition and Neuropathic Pain: An Analysis

Neuropathy treatment

The peripheral nerves system is a complex network that establishes a connection between the brain and the spinal cord to the various internal organs, muscles, and skins, etc. They are 43 in numbers and when these nerves are damaged due to different reasons, it causes the Peripheral neuropathy condition. When an individual is diagnosed with Peripheral neuropathy, this condition creates a lot of symptoms such as pain in the hands, back, thighs, face and in the back. Diabetic people most often suffer from this peripheral neuropathic pain and it makes their lives difficult. These symptoms occur because of the injuries to the peripheral nerves that carry signal from the brain to the spinal cord and then to the rest of the body part such as legs and arms.

Neuropathy is often seen with old people who are suffering from diabetes. The main causes of neuropathy are listed below.

  • Physical Trauma: Any serious injury to the nerve which causes compress, break or crush from the spinal cord. Injuries from sports, vehicles and serious fall are some of the instances. Additionally, too much pressure on a specific nerve for a long time could also cause this condition. The broken bone condition will also aggravate this problem.
  • Autoimmune and Infectious Illnesses: Neuropathy could be caused by a various virus and bacterial infection also such as HIV, leprosy, diphtheria. These germs are believed to directly attack the nerves. Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and some other inflammatory illnesses could also be the reason for neuropathic pain as they attack the nerve tissue of a healthy individual.
  • Systemic Infections: It includes the illnesses that target the whole body such as flu, diabetes, etc. The elevated level of glucose in the bloodstream slowly deteriorates the nerves. Kidney illness is another big reason for neuropathy as it allows the toxins to enter the bloodstream and from there it reaches the nerves.


Does Hypothyroidism Cause Neuropathic Pain?

Thyroid gland in our body produces an important hormone which controls behavior and many other things in an individual. When the thyroid gland produces insufficient hormones, such a condition is described as Hypothyroidism. Several medical researchers have linked this factor to another health condition called neuropathy, a disease of the nerves. They have said that in rare instances low thyroid hormone could cause peripheral neuropathy among people.

It is said that when hypothyroidism is not treated for a long time, it would cause neuropathic pain in the body. Though there is no direct connection between these two conditions yet it is said that hypothyroidism causes excess fluid buildup in the body and it leads to swollen tissues that in turn put extra pressure on peripheral nerves.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is another condition associated with this which is characterized by the pain and prickling sensation in the hands and arms. The wrists are mostly affected under this condition because the nerves go through the hands pass through a tunnel that is composed of soft tissues which react with swelling and pressing on the nerve. Though hypothyroidism is not the sole causes of carpal tunnel syndrome, it could be a contributing factor.

Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy

  • A tingling sensation in the nerve-damaged areas
  • Pain and burning sensation
  • Weakness in the muscles and in extreme cases it would cause loss of balance

Hypothyroidism actually could cause a lot of problems including weight gain, heart ailments, joint pain, and infertility, etc. Initially, there will be no symptoms in hypothyroidism. But they will slowly start showing up such as fatigue, dry skin, excessive sensitivity to cold, depression, decreased heart rate, etc. A simple test will tell you if you are suffering from this condition.

Conventional Treatments can not Cure the Neuropathic Condition

Timely treatment of neuropathy is essential; otherwise, it could give rise to more difficulties later. As western medicines given for neuropathy create a lot of harmful effects in the body, you can think about an alternative natural treatment. Do you know neuropathy condition can be treated naturally with functional medicine? If you wish to undergo natural Neuropathy treatment in NJ or anywhere else, you must visit an experienced and renowned medical center.

The benefit of going for a natural treatment for neuropathy and hypothyroidism is that it will identify the underlying causes of the illness and will try to address it rather than treating the symptoms. No surgical procedure is involved in this and it is done under the supervision of an experienced and qualified medical professional.

Final Notes

From the above analysis, it is clear that this neuropathic condition, low thyroid and weight gain all are inter-related with each other. Over the years, it is observed that prescription medicines have failed to treat this problem effectively. Strong painkillers and various other such medicines are prescribed by the doctor who ultimately causes more harm to the body.

Whether you are seeking neuropathic or Low thyroid treatment in NJ, the best route to treat these problems is through a naturally prepared method.

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