Quick Answer: Can weight loss surgery affect fertility?

Weight-loss surgery can improve fertility and protect women and their babies from obesity-related risks, research says. The healthier you are at the beginning of pregnancy, the better your chances are of having a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Does weight-loss surgery affect future pregnancy?

You can get pregnant after weight-loss surgery. In fact, bariatric surgery can produce a sudden positive change in your fertility. Women with fertility problems linked to obesity who have the surgery may start ovulating regularly for the first time in years.

How does bariatric surgery affect fertility?

Bariatric surgery significantly improved hormonal balance and sexual functions in both males and females, sperm count in males, and pregnancy in females. The strongest evidence was found on bariatric surgery’s effects on sex hormones.

Is it possible to get pregnant after weight-loss surgery?

Experts suggest that a woman wait for 1 to 2 years after bariatric surgery to get pregnant. This surgery helps people lose a lot of weight quickly. Getting pregnant too soon after surgery could mean that a growing baby might not get needed nutrients.

Can I get pregnant after a gastric sleeve?

If you’ve had weight-loss surgery, it’s best to wait for at least 12 to 18 months after surgery and once your weight has stabilised to get pregnant. But many women have babies safely before 12 months.

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What happens if you get pregnant right after gastric sleeve?

What we worry about is vitamin deficiency in the mothers and also neural tube defects in babies.” The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists warns that increased fertility after bariatric surgery can lead to an unplanned pregnancy. Delaying it allows a woman to reach a stable weight during fetal growth.

How long after bariatric surgery can I get pregnant?

Most experts recommend waiting approximately 18 months after bariatric surgery before getting pregnant so that you can reach your weight loss goals before becoming pregnant. Therefore, it’s important that you use contraception for the first 18 months after surgery.

Can you get pregnant with gastric balloon?

They all presented with the diagnosis of infertility and had undergone endoscopic intragastric balloon positioning. Among these women who tried unsuccessfully to become pregnant before weight loss, 15 became pregnant afterward. The pregnancies proceeded without complications and ended with live births.

Should I have a baby before weight-loss surgery?

However, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends that women wait 12 to 24 months before becoming pregnant after undergoing weight-loss surgery. This allows time for the mother’s weight and nutritional intake to stabilize, decreasing the risk of having a baby who is small at birth.