Your question: What tests are included in a basic metabolic panel?

What 15 tests are included in a basic metabolic panel?

Related Medical Tests

  • Albumin Blood Test.
  • Alkaline Phosphatase.
  • ALT Blood Test.
  • AST Test.
  • Bilirubin Blood Test.
  • Blood Glucose Test.
  • BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen)
  • Calcium Blood Test.

What is the difference between basic metabolic panel and comprehensive metabolic panel?

BMP means Basic Metabolism Panel whereas, CMP means Comprehensive Metabolic Panel. BMP is a more generalized blood test with overall diffused test result where as CMP is a more detailed and precise blood test. BMP costs around $10 to $46 and CMP is comparatively costlier ie: $10 to $78.

What is included in a Chem 14?

The 14 tests that are included in most CMPs are:

  • Albumin, a liver protein.
  • Alkaline phosphatase (ALP)
  • Alanine aminotransferase (ALT)
  • Aspartate aminotransferase (AST)
  • Blood urea nitrogen (BUN)
  • Calcium.
  • Carbon dioxide, an electrolyte.
  • Chloride, an electrolyte.

Is a chem 7 the same as a basic metabolic panel?

Is a chem 7 the same as a basic metabolic panel? Yes, the chem 7 blood test is also called a basic metabolic panel or BMP. The seven blood markers tested include blood urea nitrogen (BUN), carbon dioxide, creatinine, glucose, serum chloride, serum potassium, and serum sodium.

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Is fasting required for a basic metabolic panel?

You will likely need to fast for at least eight hours before your basic metabolic panel blood test. Fasting for this blood panel means not eating or drinking anything other than water. Your healthcare provider will give you specific instructions when they order the test for you.

Does BMP tell kidney function?

A BMP, or basic metabolic panel, is actually 8 tests that measure your kidney function, fluid balance, and blood sugar. Abnormal results may indicate a problem that needs to be addressed.

What are the normal lab values for the basic metabolic panel?

Normal Results

  • BUN: 6 to 20 mg/dL (2.14 to 7.14 mmol/L)
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide): 23 to 29 mmol/L.
  • Creatinine: 0.8 to 1.2 mg/dL (70.72 to 106.08 micromol/L)
  • Glucose: 64 to 100 mg/dL (3.55 to 5.55 mmol/L)
  • Serum chloride: 96 to 106 mmol/L.
  • Serum potassium: 3.7 to 5.2 mEq/L (3.7 to 5.2 mmol/L)

What is a chem 20 lab test?

The most complete form of a chemistry screen (called a chem-20, SMA-20, or SMAC-20) looks at 20 different things in the blood. Other types of chemistry screens (such as an SMA-6, SMA-7, or SMA-12) look at fewer. The type of chemistry screen you have done depends on what information your doctor is looking for.

What is included in a chem 20?

A SMAC 20 blood test is regularly ordered group of tests that gives important information about the current status of your health including glucose or blood sugar levels, kidney function, cholesterol, sodium and potassium levels’ and more.

What is included in a chem 23 blood test?

CO2 (carbon dioxide): 23 to 29 mEq/L (23 to 29 mmol/L) Creatinine : 0.6 to 1.3 mg/dL (53 to 114.9 µmol/L) Glucose : 70 to 100 mg/dL (3.9 to 5.6 mmol/L) Potassium : 3.7 to 5.2 mEq/L (3.70 to 5.20 mmol/L)

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What is a Chem 8 lab test?

It gives a snapshot of the health of your kidneys, your blood sugar levels, and the levels of key electrolytes, such as potassium and sodium. A basic metabolic panel test measures the levels of 8 important things in your blood: Calcium. Calcium plays a role in keeping your cells working the way they should.

Is a GFR included in a BMP?

The Basic Metabolic Panel with Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate, is a test used to measure kidney function, electrolyte and acid/base balance, and blood glucose levels.

What does a chem 6 test for?

Comments: This panel includes Carbon Dioxide (CO2 Content), Chloride, Creatinine, Potassium, Sodium, and Urea Nitrogen.