Patient Slips about His Treament as a Type II Diabetic in NJ

Dr. Jonathan: Alright so I Terry we just got some lab working for you actually your first lab work since you started. Why you tell everybody we are loudly when you first came in and made what it looks like now if you saw improvements things about nature?

Terry: Actually,uh… my last and the first came in there were little on the scary side uh… I have a lot of law abnormalities uh… and then you recommended the certain supplements and now lobby all, it was uh…almost a hundred percent improvement. I’ll turn around like you can’t believe. I’m feeling uhh… I’m feeling it, I’m feeling the results every day and I’m witnessing the results every day. Ever since we picked up what was uhh the problem you give me the right supplement that my diabetes is done from 180 constantly to 150 to 140 to 129, 125 this morning was 92. So, this is the proof.

Dr. Jonathan: Before you came to see me we the model carrier does a lot of meditation, this medicate have to medication. What have you notice about the results were getting versus what you did prior to coming into your office?

Terry: I’ve noticed your results actually are effective the other we’re getting results. Just going to doctors visits and see any real results.

Dr. Jonathan: yeah

Terry: Even i found to restart myself to death, i don’t think i would have gotten any real results because uh… we never uh… we never got to the root of the problem

Dr. Jonathan: yeah

Terry: That you got to the root of the problem that’s why we’re getting results.

Dr. Jonathan: Yeah

Terry: thank you for getting to the root of the problem not just tell you that you have a problem.