Eric: Oh now, well I hope everything is improving because when I couldn’t see you, It was about 180, 200 and now less than hundred all the time.

Dr. Jonathan: Wow! That’s incredible.

Eric: Yeah, all the time.

Dr. Jonathan: So, if you mind sharing, how long have you been a diabetic?

Eric: About 25 years and now.

Dr. Jonathan: So you’ve been a diabetic for 25 years, your average numbers are always in the 150’s to 180’s

Eric: 180’s

Dr. Jonathan: 180

Eric: Sometimes 200. Yeah

Dr. Jonathan: Ok and then for the first time ever or least in a 20 years, you’ve seen an 85 on the hundred existingly?

Eric: Not a long time, I can’t remember

Dr. Jonathan: That’s great!

Eric: Thank you very much.

Dr. Jonathan: Yeah, you’re welcome buddy. Keep it going

Eric: Thank you.