Henry: When I started the program I weigh 235

Dr. Jonathan: yeah

Henry: I’ve been on it since December first and I no way to 16 and a half.

Dr. Jonathan: Yea big difference.

Henry: And my a1c was 9.3 in December.

Dr. Jonathan: or

Henry: And it’s was measured at 6.8 about a month ago. My head was very lucky and I would say it’s about 85 percent improve.

Dr. Jonathan: Wow! that’s awesome. Tell us um how old are you? if you don’t mind me asking .

Henry: yeah 80 years old

Dr. Jonathan: um an 88 years old. Did you ever expect to get better from this disease and improve your condition and your health?

Henry: Well, I didn’t but when I went to your lecture, I saw some at least some interest in improving my situation and that’s what copy on the program. Well I’ve I was on 90 units of lantus

Dr. Jonathan:yeah!

Henry: And I’m now down to 20 about 40 50 units of novolog and I’m down to 20.

Dr. Jonathan: Wow!

Henry: Plane and each wheel

Dr. Jonathan: that’s incredible that’s a big change that’s a really big change that is excellent. If someone is out there and they wanted a different way of managing their diabetes and our overall health. Would you recommend our protocols and our treatment plans?

Henry: you know, I definitely feel better.