Michael: My stats have been through greatly. I have eliminated two medications at this time.

Dr. Jonathan: Yup

Michael: And things are much better the supplements helped tremendously. If it changes your lifestyle that’s the way you have to look at it’s not just a diet it’s a lifestyle change. My way has gone down about 25 pounds.

Dr. Jonathan: Wow!

Michael: And I move faster and the big thing is like I said before the medications I have eliminated because they have long-term consequences. If you stay on too long people it’s not a scam it depends how much you work you put into it that what you get out of it

Dr. Jonathan: Yeah

Michael: And we’re all human and we do slip sometimes I’ve slip but you just got to continue on the best you can and it will work out and you got to be very patient. It’s not like a light switch where you can turn the switch on.

Dr. Jonathan: yeah

Michael: And all it takes time it’s that difference which so you gotta turn that switch slowly and in time you’ll see the light come on.

Dr. Jonathan: What’s so different about what you’re getting here versus the free medical care you got in the past?

Michael: The whole thing is this is a different approach because it’s supplements and not those medications over time has great consequences to your body. It tears you down but people don’t realize it takes care of momentarily but down the road you have the consequences
from the supplement and from the medication.

Dr. Jonathan: yeah

Michael: Well remember the same your health is your wealth so it’s an investment in your health and that’s your wealth.

Dr. Jonathan: yeah.