Noreen: Okay today is January 9, 2012 and I’ve been off my medication since July 2011 and my blood work is 118 and my AIC is 5.1

Dr. Jonathan: Wow! Would you start, remember when you first came in?

Noreen: I think it was 205 was my blood sugar

Dr. Jonathan: How was AIC, remember that?

Noreen: I think it was 9.6

Dr. Jonathan: See were from 9.6 to 5.1 – Wow! and we did that naturally?

Noreen: Yes!

Dr. Jonathan: Ok. Now, I know that you referred about 20 people to me to try to helped but seems like… do you have any reservations that a program like this really has a real benefit to diabetes?

Noreen: Definitely has a benefit.

Dr. Jonathan: Yeah?

Noreen: Good job.

Dr. Jonathan: Awesome! Very good. Thank you very much.