Ramon: Everybody that they knows me, they realized that I’m losing weight and they asked me about my sugar “you know i’m still well, I’m still good at myself visited as that much because my numbers are down.” I would say the average from used to between 300 or 400, now it’s down to and then below 200

Dr. Jonathan: Wow!

Ramon: which is you know, my weight unbelievable is going down. I can breathe a lot of better. I can bend down, put up my socks lately for once, you know and I got a little more energy, you mean a lot of energy I have, you know it’s just remarkable, unbelievable.

Dr. Jonathan: Is this the biggest improvement you’ve seen since you’ve been a diabetic, I mean…

Ramon: Without a doubt.

Dr. Jonathan: Yeah?

Ramon: Yup. Without a doubt.

Ramon: I made an appointment

Dr. Jonathan: Yeah.

Ramon: and I went to the dinner in the seminar and I exactly fell in love with it more vow than you know that I see satisfy for my life. I see what I had to lose, I mean letting go, so what I did just fell in love with and then I made appointment into his office. I went into Paterson and ever since then I made this more beautiful.