Sister Therese: When I started from being very very tired, very hurt all over especially my legs and my feet and my back and now I’m just doing great I have a lot more energy getting better, I’ve lost a lot of weight

Dr. Jonathan: Yeah. How many pounds did you lose, you remember?

Sister Therese: I lose about 40 pounds

Dr. Jonathan: Wow! That’s incredible.

Sister Therese: Yeah. It’s happier, i’m not doubt or anymore. Just know that I can wear smaller size clothes

Dr. Jonathan: Yeah, we were gonna joking about that actually, yeah?

Sister Therese: Yes, yes

Dr. Jonathan: Yeah and congratulations

Sister Therese: Thank you.

Dr. Jonathan: You’re very welcome

Sister Therese: I’m very happy. Thank you.

Dr. Jonathan: Yeah, you’re very welcome.