Suad: You know well, I started I glad I was so tired to even get up a few stairs or carry any bags. My body from inside was so tired and I just wanted to stay on the couch all the time.

Dr. Jonathan: What till like now? How doing is you now?

Suad: Oh. Very very good.

Dr. Jonathan: Yeah.

Suad: I get up, I do things, I finished the house 1 to 3.

Dr. Jonathan: Wow, That’s great. Now, anyway you lost since you started?

Suad: Yeah. As in 20 something pounds.

Dr. Jonathan: That’s incredible. Also, have you seen any changes in your blood sugar levels or anything like that?

Suad: Yes, yes cause yesterday, I ate normal night before, I went to sleep, I checked my blood and it was 89, and it was never like 89 that night, it was like 170, 180 most of the time.

Dr. Jonathan: Wow. That’s incredible. There are lot of people out there were like saw about this that are skeptical they think that there’s nothing you can do for diabetes and there’s nothing, you know just very skeptical. What would you say to those people and then you just refer to a friend here and see me. What do you say to these people when they say, you know I know they’re looking at you and say “what is going on?”. What do you say to them now?

Suad: Come see Dr. Spages. Definitely I’m a believer.