AJ: Well, I started this, I was actually very skeptical of actually seeing you. I heard about you on the radio and I might like “It can’t be”. But I came in just to see you, you know what, look I’ve tried everything else and let me see if this works. You know and even on the day of the dinner that you provided that day, I was still thinking that might “No, it not gonna work”. But 2 months have gone by, I’ve lost like probably about 25 pounds.

Dr. Jonathan: Yeah.

AJ: Of course to 25 pounds. My A1C now is drop to 2 points which is a bonus. My sugar levels have been stabilized to around 95 to a hundred right now so it’s going well.

Dr. Jonathan: Wow! that’s incredible. Any medication changes?

AJ: Well, i’ve reduce my insulin from 30 units down to about 9 units right now, so 1/3, I mean almost down to 1/3 of the dosage, so it’s a quite a bit of a reduction.

Dr. Jonathan: That is great. Now there’s some of people out there maybe a friend of yours that are skeptic. They think that “Oh no, there’s no way to handle diabetes besides your struggles.” What would you say to them?

AJ: Totally wrong. Totally wrong. I mean it actually does work. It seems to be working so far and the best thing is i’m not hungry, it is actually working, I mean i’m stay full from the regiment but it’s working.