Steve: Well my story was pretty much the end of my rope. I had no and I tried Dr. Spages and the paper for going to the dinner, I went to the dinner just for listening and hearing and well that I had the opportunity to come and see him and everything’s change. I lost you know, probably about 24 pounds now, taking a lot more I think 2 “insulins”, “lentils” and “novalab” and taking lesser dose now. I’m off my casual medication. My mindset is good, energy is coming back little by little so I’m on the road to recovery.

Steve: It’s almost like you would lose touch, you know they tired taking slow for this amount of couple hydrates or whatever and I would take a little bit more and my sugar would still be from the roof. So it’s just a lot of kidding.

Steve: A lot of my life meet more it’s going to the Delhi, you get the number and you know, number 68, you go in they see you for 10 minutes. Step the time, I would just see the back of my doctor heading and she be on the computer, never check my feet, you know look me in the eye maybe twice and 10 minutes so, No I wasn’t just happy.

Steve: Hands-on, you come in its all like they know your name then I looking at the chart to see who you are, they know you, everything is outline, Dr. Spages goes over everything, the nurses are good or the assistance. Every hands-on they always reachable via e-mail or should it have it done here but every time I call they answer my questions.

Dr. Jonathan: Great! Really good. If someone’s out there and they were skeptical kind like when you walk and saying “Guys, is there a program that gonna work? Sounds too good to be true” I mean a diabetic for a long time. What would you say to them? Let’s say that is your best friend or someone else out ther who says “Oh yeah, you know there’s no way you can get better for this disease”

Steve: I would say this is truth. People asked me when I came he’s not a Kuckoo, you’re not a Kuckoo, you’re not a witch doctor and you’re not a God.

Dr. Jonathan: Yeah.

Steve: But it’s just a complete different outlook if I could, you could see a picture of me from December and I look like you know not I see what I look like now. It’s just, it’s a whole different outlook.

Dr. Jonathan: Good. You have any reservation this program works?

Steve: It definitely works.

Dr. Jonathan: Great. Thank you very much.