The Fat Debate: Can Saturated Fats Help You Lose Weight?

09Jul, 2016

The Fat Debate… Can be Saturated Fats help You lose Weight?

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Is Fat a Bad Thing?

People believe that in order to lose weight, they must completely eliminate all kinds of fat from their diet – saturated and unsaturated fats. This is however not true and the reality is that your body needs some amount of fat from the food you eat to digest certain essential vitamins and nutrients.

Also, if the body is completely robbed of fat, it will begin to store refined carbohydrates which is likely to cause the body’s blood sugar levels to rise which can leave you feeling more hungry causing you to overeat to satisfy your hunger cravings.

Saturated fats are healthy fats which must be incorporated into your diet and can, in fact, help you lose weight faster. Sources of good fats or saturated fats include meat, dairy, and oils. These foods should be consumed in limits. Click here to figure out your ideal daily fat intake.

Your Daily Intake

However, make sure to limit your daily intake of saturated fats to less than or equal to 7% of your daily calorie intake. That’s equal to 140 calories on a 2000 calorie diet or about 18 grams of saturated fats in a day.

Here is a List of GOOD Fats.

The World Health Organization recommends unsaturated fats instead of saturated fats as the benefits are more and unsaturated fats are better for your health and your waistline. Sources of unsaturated fats include olive oil, avocados, seeds, and nuts.


In order to lose weight, cutting out sugary foods and refined carbohydrates like pasta, rice, white bread, and starchy vegetables from your diet is vital.

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