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Dr. Jonathan Spages, DC is uniquely skilled at working with the root physiological, bio-chemical, and hormonal imbalances associated with hypo-thyroidism, as well as many other chronic illnesses.

He has broken free from the limiting approach of a standard of care that provides drugs and hormones as a first defense By using breakthrough diagnostic testing and analysis rarely done in the conventional setting to uncover the hidden causes of why a person may be experiencing the symptoms of low thyroid.

Dr. Spages found that many women suffering from low thyroid may be actually experiencing another problem rarely checked for in conventional medicine. By finding the root cause of low thyroid, many of his patients are able to get well. We are well known in low thyroid treatment in NJ.

The results his patients see after being correctly diagnosed and treated is thought of a breakthrough in low thyroid treatment.

He starts with very specialized testing to find the root cause(s) of low thyroid and works naturally to help correct them. He expects patients to respond well after just a few months of his care.

Dr. Spages also takes great pride in delivering personalized health care for each of his patients, in addition providing an environment that supports and inspires patients to help reverse their ill-health and get back to a better quality of life.

We are located across from Lowe’s and Microcenter in Paterson, NJ. For the best low thyroid treatment in NJ, give us a call at 973-523-5252

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