What Every NJ Diabetic Must Know Before Their Next Blood Test

Its typical that diabetics get their blood tested every 3 months. This is the typical standard of care for anyone with blood sugar problems unless you are on insulin. With insulin, there is usually more TLC needed because the patient is in such dangerous stage of the disease. I notice at seminars that most diabetic know very little to nothing about thier bloodwork when it gets reported to them by their doctor. 


Typically, when blood is taken the doctor performs the standard of care which is essentially a CBC, CMP, AIC and lipid panel. This may sound like a lot but from a functional medicine point of view it is basic and minimal.

What Every Diabetic Must Know Before Their Next Blood Test

When you read a blood test there is usually 4 columns, Test name, your lab number, units of measurements, and lab reference range. Most people looking at labs are looking for the high and low number which is their number compared to the lab reference range. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IS THE LAB REFERENCE RANGE DOESNT MEAN ITS HEALTHY. Yep! The lab reference range is a average range for that lab and is based on a pathological (disease) range. Ok so here is an example. Lets say your blood came back for glucose 110. The lab range for this lab was 65 to 115. I would show up normal since it is in the range of the lab. The big problem here is that health glucose levels based on a functional medicine analysis is 85 to 99. So that would mean you glucose is up and the person is not as healthy as they thought.


When looking at the labs be sure to focus on the functional ranges because that is healthy. Don’t assume since your numbers are in the “lab range” you are healthy and things are functioning well. Call us at 973-523-5252 to learn more.

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